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Enhancing Home Security: Essential Upgrades and Installations

Westerville is often called “The City of Otterbein,” about the prominent Otterbein University located within its boundaries, contributing to the town’s vibrant intellectual and cultural atmosphere. Westerville residents prioritize home security by investing in state-of-the-art alarm systems, smart locks, and surveillance cameras. It contributes to the town’s reputation as a safe and secure living place. In the peaceful suburb of Westerville, Ohio, homeowners value the safety and security of their homes above all else. As the demand for improved home security continues growing, residents must explore various ways to fortify their properties. Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been residing in Westerville for years, enhancing your home security should be a top priority. To achieve this, consider the services of a handyman Westerville who can assist you in implementing the essential upgrades and installations needed to protect your home effectively.

Reinforcing Entry Points

Burglars often target vulnerable entry points, and one of the most practical ways to enhance home security is by reinforcing these areas. A Westerville handyperson can be a valuable resource in this regard. They can install solid core or metal doors, which are much more resilient than standard wooden doors. These robust doors provide an extra layer of protection against forced entry attempts, making it significantly more challenging for intruders to break in.

Moreover, a handyman can fortify your windows with laminated glass or security film. Laminated glass is a strong, shatter-resistant material that can withstand considerable force. On the other hand, security film is a transparent layer applied to existing glass, making it harder to break. These enhancements deter potential burglars and give you peace of mind, knowing your home’s entry points are well-protected.

Installing Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a simple yet highly effective security measure that can deter criminals and improve safety around your property. A Westerville handyperson can strategically install motion-activated lights in critical areas, such as pathways, driveways, and entrances. When motion is detected, these lights instantly illuminate the surroundings, exposing any suspicious activity.

The psychological impact of well-placed outdoor lighting should be considered. Intruders prefer darkness to conceal their movements, and sudden bright lights disrupt their plans, often discouraging them from attempting a break-in. Additionally, well-lit exteriors make it safer for you and your family to navigate your property at night, reducing the risk of accidents and falls.

Surveillance Systems

Modern technology has revolutionized home security with the advent of advanced surveillance systems. A handyman in Westerville can guide you in selecting the correct security camera setup. Outdoor cameras can monitor your property’s exterior, while doorbell cameras provide a view of anyone approaching your front door. Indoor surveillance ensures that you have eyes on the inside of your home.

These cameras are a deterrent and valuable evidence in a security breach. Some systems even offer remote viewing capabilities, allowing you to check on your home from your smartphone or computer. Investing in a surveillance system gives you round-the-clock monitoring, enhancing your overall security and providing peace of mind.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are a critical in any comprehensive home security strategy. A Westerville handyperson can install a professionally monitored alarm system that connects to a security company. These systems usually have door and window sensors, motion detectors, and panic buttons.

Door and window sensors trigger an alarm when unauthorized entry is detected, while motion detectors can sense intruders moving within your home. Panic buttons provide an immediate way to alert authorities in an emergency. When the alarm is triggered, the monitoring center is notified, and they can dispatch help promptly, preventing potential break-ins or providing assistance during medical emergencies.

Secure Access Control

Controlling who enters your home is a fundamental aspect of security. A handyman can assist in implementing advanced access control systems to enhance your safety and convenience. Keyless entry systems, electronic locks, and intercoms are all valuable components of secure access control.

Keyless entry systems let you to enter your home using a unique code or even your smartphone, eliminating the need for traditional keys. Electronic locks can be remotely controlled, enabling you to grant access to trusted individuals or lock the doors from anywhere. Intercom systems provide a way to communicate with visitors at your front door, allowing you to screen and verify their identity before granting entry.

Landscaping and Perimeter Security

Your property’s exterior plays a significant role in your overall security. A handyperson can help you make strategic landscaping improvements to eliminate hiding spots for potential intruders. This includes trimming overgrown shrubs and trees near windows and pathways reducing blind spots that criminals could use to approach your home unnoticed.

The handyperson can assist in installing perimeter security features, such as fences and gates. Fences provide a physical barrier that deters unauthorized access, while gates can be equipped with locks and access control systems for added security. Thorny bushes or plants with prickly foliage can also be strategically placed near windows or fences to discourage anyone from attempting to breach your property’s boundaries.


In conclusion, safeguarding your home in Westerville, Ohio, requires a multifaceted approach. Engaging the services of a handyman can streamline the process of implementing essential security upgrades and installations. By reinforcing entry points, enhancing outdoor lighting, investing in surveillance and alarm systems, implementing secure access control, and optimizing your property’s landscaping and perimeter security, you can create a safer and more secure environment for your family. In this digital age, it’s crucial to stay proactive and prioritize home security, and these upgrades will provide you with peace of mind and protect your home from potential threats.