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Top 6 Places Bandra Residents Must Visit

Located on the northern bank of the Mithi River, the suburb of Bandra has existed since the time Mumbai was a different town. Originally a cluster of fishing villages, it later transformed into a hamlet of the rich. Nowadays, Bandra is known for being the residence of numerous celebrities, well-known personalities, and affluent citizens. Observing a celebrity jogging in the early morning is common in this area. Whether you have a flat in Bandra or just wish to explore this area of the city, there are numerous places to explore in Bandra, and a few of them are mentioned below:

Bandra Fort

Bandra Fort is a must-visit spot for every visitor due to its Portuguese-inspired architecture, and it is among the top tourist attractions in Bandra. Castella de Aguada, also known as Bandra Fort, was initially constructed as a watchtower on Mahim Bay. It is widely regarded as one of the best coastal forts, which was once employed as a checkpoint for ships entering the stunning Mumbai Harbour.

Mount Mary Church

The Basilica of Our Lady of Mount, commonly known as Mount Mary Church, attracts people of all religions and is a favored destination among both locals and tourists who visit to seek the blessings of Mary. Additionally, the church hosts an annual fair in September, known as the Mount Mary Fair or Bandra Fair, to celebrate the birth of Mary.

The Walk of the Stars

The Walk of the Stars is one of the top summer destinations in Mumbai and an integral component of the renowned Bandstand Promenade. It serves as a heartfelt tribute to the Bollywood stars and is a must-see for cinema enthusiasts. Visitors are warmly welcomed to view the bronze statues, handprints, and autographs of their favorite Bollywood actors and actresses, all of which are etched onto bronze plates.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link: It’s highly unlikely for a Bollywood film shot in Mumbai to omit a scene featuring the iconic Bandra-Worli Sea Link. With a total length of approximately 5,600 meters, the construction of this sea link began in the year 2000 and took several years to complete. As its name suggests, the Bandra-Worli Sea Link serves to connect Bandra to Worli, and to this day, it remains a captivating feat of human engineering in the heart of Mumbai.


One of the most recognizable landmarks in the city, Mannat, the residence of Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan, is constantly surrounded by a throng of people. Every day, admirers from all over the country gather outside his bungalow, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor. The frenzy reaches a fever pitch on SRK’s birthday. So, if you would love to see more of him, a flat in Bandra would be a great choice.

Church of St Andrew

Constructed in 1575, the Church of St Andrew has persevered through various natural disasters and political unrest, except for a cyclone that blew off its roof in 1618. The church was closed between 1740 and 1749 during the Maratha invasion. However, St Andrew’s Church swiftly regained its position as the center for addressing the spiritual requirements of Catholics in Bandra, Khar, Juhu, and Santacruz. The church is widely believed to be the oldest remaining edifice in Bandra and is home to numerous artifacts from the Portuguese era.

Bandra, which is situated in the heart of Mumbai, is undeniably a destination worth exploring. The majority of Mumbai’s captivating and alluring tourist attractions can be found in Bandra, ranging from famous churches to celebrity residences. It has everything to offer for a memorable experience of a lifetime. We hope that you will visit all these spots and witness Bandra in all its glory!