To protect the home’s exterior walls from weather adversarial effects as well as other types of annoyances they all create a negative effect on the building but don’t worry wall  cladding is a great choice to protect all these effects. To provide an extra layer to the walls of any material that’s why cladding can. It can be a great selection for our internal walls. Are you planning to modernize your home? Have the colors of your walls started vanishing? And, are your design to paint your home? Then, paint is not the only selection you have. Most of the choices are not much talked about which can be suitable for your home.

So, let’s explore one of the most popular options for painting is Wall Cladding. There are different types of Wall cladding options presented in the market. By this, it does not mean painting should be evaded- it is essential for your walls for the first coating. But, you can try out somewhat new and can go on to improve a variety of your home by applying one of these cladding choices.

And of course, you can reasonably transform your home with the options discussed below.

First, let us see a little about wall cladding types.

Features to be considered for Wall Cladding

 Interior Wall Cladding

  • The cladding should have the correct quality.
  • It should be humidity resilient.
  • It should be washable.
  • It should be resistant to dye and hide as much as possible

Exterior Wall Cladding

  • Reduces protection to the walls against weather conditions.
  • It should be visually appealing.
  • It helps in the thermal isolation of the house.
  • It also cuts off the noise and helps in making the building soundproof.
  • It should be able to fight fire for a longer period.

Wooden Cladding

As sheets of solid wood are connected. It can give a good 3- dimensional surface. The wood of cedar and redwood trees is used for this cladding. After stone, it is a high-rated cladding choice. Wooden cladding is much tougher than vinyl and aluminum cladding. Though, its installation and care are somewhat expensive. Care should be taken otherwise decaying and damaging takes place.

Aluminum Cladding

  • It is available in diverse sizes, forms, and finishes. It is a good choice for basement or storage walls. It can be even useful to the walls of large commercial buildings after dealing.
  • Its installation is easy.

Steel Cladding

  • It arises under the choice of metal cladding.
  • 10% chromium is added to steel to get corrosion fight as steel is a highly harsh material.
  • It is weatherproof.
  • Its moisture immersion capacity is less, thus preventing humidity in the house.

Glass Cladding

  • Glass is windproof, it easily resists heat, wind, and rain.
  • It gives a nice shiny finish to the walls be it the exterior walls or interior walls.
  • The reflective things of glass surely make the walls of your home stand out.
  • Glass is weatherproof, it easily resists heat, wind, and rain.
  • It is also resistant to scratch and wears.
  • It requires very low care and maintenance