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The Pool Loan 101: Interest Rates, Payments and Eligibility

Examine the numerous financing options at your disposal if you are contemplating purchasing an in ground pool, and you have an idea of the cost.

If you require more information on pool finance, this article will help you answer all the frequently-asked questions regarding loans for pools. So, let’s get started!

What should I know about Pool Loans?

Personal loans that have no equity and without an assessment, these pool loan rates are usually provided in amounts that range from $500,000 to $1 million at rates that range between 5.99 percentage to 13.3% per year. For example, the typical pool borrower will pay the equivalent of $225 to $250 monthly for a loan of $30,000 with a 20-year (240-month) timeframe.

The best loans to pool owners across the US are offered with HFS Financial. With HFS rates starting at 5.99 percent and loans that go up to $500,000 may be repaid in terms that extend twenty years. Lending from HFS can be paid back early without penalty. While not affecting your credit score or credit report you can verify the rate with HFS anytime.

A dedicated HFS loan advisor will be in close contact with you to address any of your concerns . We’ll ensure the most efficient, simple loan transaction.

The loan’s profits will be paid out in one lump sum which you can use in order to directly pay the contractor when (or in the event that) you’re approved for a loan by HFS. Our preferred option for financing is direct customer funding and a majority of other contractors for home improvements share this option, according to River Pools.

If you’ve budgeted for something other than pool construction (such as landscaping, accessories and other issues that your builder of the pool doesn’t normally deal with) then you’ll be able to get the funds you require to begin building your backyard oasis of goals right away due to direct-to-consumer financing which makes it much easier to pay contractors promptly.

What are the Interest Rates for Pool Loans?

In the past, rates of interest for the pool loan have been constant. There are many well-known firms which offer loans of up to $500,000. They have lenders located in all states in the fifty.

What is my monthly payment for a Pool Loan?

For a rough idea of what to expect, the average monthly cost for a loan of $30,000 over 20 years is $225. A loan of $40,000 over similar length will need monthly payments of approximately $290. Similarly, a loan of $50,000 with 20 years of term will need monthly payments of around $360. In this case, you can figure out your monthly expenses.

Remember that you need to consider financing prior to you make a decision to purchase the pool you desire to understand the specific rates as well as the terms and conditions. This will ensure that you’ll have a budget that is reasonable and be able to pay payments that are reasonable and also be able to build the backyard and pool that you have always wanted.