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Flush mount lighting – All you need to know

Building a perfect house is always a dream for everyone, and they work very hard to fulfill their dream. A house is not only made up of bricks and cement but it consists of different waves of emotions attached to it. You try to make your house the best place to relax, and you are very particular about finding the perfect lighting for your room that would be comforting. Lights set up your mood when you come tired from college or the office. Everyone likes their home to be bright, and every house is not similar; they need different kinds of lights. A smaller room with a lower ceiling demands a light which is known as flush mounts light. Flush mount lights also help light up the huge room’s darker area. It also adds an element of aesthetics to our room. 

Types of flush mount lights

There are different types of flush mount lights which you can go for :

  • Flush mount lighting- it is directly attached to the ceilings leaving no space between the ceiling and the light. These types of lights are mainly found in smaller rooms with low ceilings like kitchens, bathrooms, store rooms, etc. 
  • Semi-flush mount lighting – These types of flush lights are fitted slightly lower from the ceilings leaving some space between the ceiling and the light. These kinds of lights are commonly fitted in dining spaces, bedrooms, study rooms, etc. 
  • Directional flush mount lighting- they are installed in such a way that there is a huge gap between the light and the ceiling. As the name suggests, they can be fitted in any direction and used as a spotlight for a particular area. 

Some benefits of flush mount lights

  • They are found in the market in different designs, which can satisfy your need.
  • They attract less amount of dust as they are fitted mainly against the ceilings.
  • They help to light up smaller rooms and rooms with lower ceilings.


You are very choosy about the choice of lights for your room. You always prefer a light that gives you maximum light and also serves the purpose of decorating your beautiful room. A perfect flush mount can light up your darker corner, kitchen, store room, or bathroom.  They are available in various shapes and sizes, from which you can choose the perfect one for your glamorous house.