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Here’s How To Buy Wooden Furniture Online – A Checklist


One of the easiest ways to buy wooden furniture is to shop for it online. Many of us might still fear that online products are not of the best quality, and consequently, we may end up buying sub-standard or even fake products. However, online shopping has advanced tremendously in today’s world, and you can buy a variety of furniture online from your favourite stores without giving it a second thought. Technology has helped us immensely by bringing the world into our hands. Nowadays, everything is available online. Buying furniture has now become very easy, with the additional benefit of being time-saving as you don’t need to go from store to store hunting for the right furniture to match your home’s decor. When it comes to finding premium quality wooden furniture, websites like Wakefit are an absolute godsend to people who prefer to shop online.

Since buying any sort of furniture requires a certain degree of care, here is a checklist of buying good quality wooden furniture online.

Make a list:

If you are ordering furniture for your new house, make a list of the items you will require for every room before you start shopping. Imagine your space and where you want all the furniture placed so that you don’t miss out on anything. Start with the living room as this is the focal point of your home and then move on to the rest of the rooms. You will need basic furniture items like a sofa set, a dining set, a wooden wardrobe, a bed along with a wooden bedside table, a coffee table, etc. Ensure you add them all to your list. Apart from this, you might even need a study table with an ergonomic chair if you’re a person who works from home. Include them too.

Measure your room:

When looking for furniture, we often come across furnishings that are available in multiple sizes. To select the right size, measure your room with measuring tape first. Leave an adequate walking space and note down the length and breadth of the leftover space. Then, find furniture that matches this available space. Do not buy oversized furniture as it will occupy most of the space in the room, making it look small and cramped.

For instance, while selecting furniture for your bedroom, measure the total area, keeping aside the space needed for walking comfortably in the room. The first item needed for your bedroom is a bed. You can opt for a bed that is either king-size or queen-size, depending on the measurements of your room. Next comes the wardrobes. The size of the wardrobe directly corresponds with the number of doors it has. Therefore, you can select a 2 door wardrobe, a 3 door wardrobe or a 4 door wardrobe after deducting the space that the bed and the walking space takes. Also, remember to choose the right one depending on the amount of storage you’ll need.

Explore only authentic and genuine furniture websites:

Before finalising your choice, browse the internet thoroughly to get an idea of the designs that are available online. Be sure to explore only genuine and verified seller sites. Look at reviews and seller verification sites like Better Business Bureau to get an idea as to how trustworthy the seller is.

Make a comparison:

A key step while shopping is to compare the price, make and design of the furniture. Make a note of the prices of the furniture on different websites. At the same time, look at the quality of the products. Some websites offer low-quality products at a lower price. Don’t fall prey to such schemes. Choose a good brand that sells at a reasonable price and at the same time has good quality and designs. Look for variety. Furniture manufacturers have come a long way and created plenty of innovative designs. Do not go by the same old designs that come by tradition. The best advantage of online shopping is that you get to view plenty of designs in the comfort of your own home.

Buy furniture that blends with the overall style:

All the furniture in the room should complement each other. Do not buy a piece of furniture that looks out of place. Instead, choose wardrobes with mirrors for a more sophisticated look, if your room’s theme is elegance. You also need not buy a separate dressing table if you have a mirrored wardrobe. It saves you space and money. Nowadays, furniture websites even allow customers to customize the designs as per their requirements, thus making it easy to find pieces that match the room’s decor style.

Catch the best deals:

Deals come and go very often on online websites. Wait for the best deals, which usually come during festive seasons. You can even avail the best deals during clearance sales.

Get it delivered right to your home:

Online retailers usually give plenty of delivery options, and usually, these will be at a nominal cost and sometimes even free. So get your stuff delivered to your doorstep. Wooden furniture, especially a wardrobe or a wooden bed, is often heavy, so make sure the furniture is placed/assembled in the right room before the delivery personnel leave.


Online shopping has become a real blessing for people looking for good quality furniture at the best prices. We no longer need to take a day off from work to shop for different pieces of furniture for our home, and it can be done at any time of the day. With so many genuine websites available today, choosing the best furniture for your home has never been so easy. So, go for it and create your dream home!