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  How To Make Your Home More Welcoming To Guests


Whether you are looking to welcome cherished friends and family to your abode, a new acquaintance, or a guesthouse visitor, you will likely want to make a wonderful impression. Hosting itself is an acquired skill and most must learn what makes a warm and memorable host, however, it is not entirely upon them to ensure a pleasant stay. In fact, a great deal comes from the property itself.

No matter the size of your property, nor whether you are offering a pull-out sofa bed or a private outbuilding, there are many ways in which a home can be made to feel more welcoming, especially through its interior design and organisation. What’s more, many of these features can be achieved with only a modest budget too. So, for those wanting to ensure their next guest’s stay is of brilliant quality, we’re sharing four tips on how to make your home more welcoming.

Give Them Space

Cosying up with one another might be fine for close friends and family but welcoming a guest into your home, especially in the wake of an international health crisis, is unlikely to be made better with uncomfortable proximity.

Be sure that social areas are given due organisation so that individuals are able to find their own comfortable space, one that doesn’t infringe upon others or compromise their own ability to relax.

Enough For All

For your guests to truly feel like they can make themselves at home, it is important that there are enough assets for them and that they are easily accessible. For example, keeping a number of glasses on a shelf can help to encourage guests to take a drink, instead of feeling the need to ask or search for a receptacle.

By the same token, if blankets are kept in the lounge area, ensure there are enough for all parties so that they do not feel left out and, therefore, unwelcome.

A Room Of One’s Own

Spending the night in a common area quickly leads one to feel like an imposition. Sofa surfing might have been fine during younger years but it is far from appropriate for a sense of welcome. At the other end of consideration are those who convert rooms into guest spaces or find log cabins for sale, outbuildings within which to host friends separate from the home. By doing so, you demonstrate to visitors that you intend for them to feel totally welcome, with the ability to carve out their own temporary, private space.

Clear Of Clutter

Your level of tolerance for disarray, as well as considerations for cleanliness, are not universal. There’s a chance that guests might not feel as cheerful when having to navigate messiness or bite their tongue when noticing mysterious stains.

This is why homes should not only be clean, and certainly refreshed before arrival, but also free from clutter, with non-essential belongings stored out of sight, making more room for a guest. Plus, since many guests arrive with luggage, it is worthwhile to have a surplus amount of space to accommodate.