Home Improvement

Update your plumbing without remodeling with these easy fixes

Is your plumbing starting to show its age? Yellowing fixtures, low water pressure, and frequent clogs may have you thinking it’s time for a full bathroom or kitchen remodel. There are many ways to upgrade your plumbing without the mess and expense of a full renovation. With a few easy fixes, you enjoy an updated plumbing system without remodeling.

Replacing old faucets with new fixtures is the easiest way to update your space. New faucets come in stylish finishes like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black to match any decor. If your existing faucets are still in good condition, you save money by swapping out the exterior handles and spout. Make sure to get compatible replacement parts designed specifically for your faucet brand. If your sink is looking dated, replace it with a fresh model when you update the faucet.

Install new shower components

Even if you love your existing shower enclosure, installing new shower fixtures can make your bathroom feel brand new. Replace an old showerhead with a model that has multiple settings and increased flow. For a more luxurious shower, add a wall-mounted shower arm and rainfall showerhead. Updating old valves and knobs to sleek lever handles is another simple upgrade. Consider replacing your shower door panels with frameless glass doors for a seamless look. Make sure your new shower components are optimized for your home’s water pressure.

Replacing an outdated toilet is the best way to modernize your bathroom. New high-efficiency toilets have more powerful flushing systems that save water and eliminate clogs. Look for low-profile elongated bowl designs that take up less space. Toilets with concealed trapways provide a sleek, contemporary look. Choose a comfortable height model for easier use. Installing a new toilet generally takes less than an hour and can completely transform the look of your bathroom.

Increase water pressure 

Low water pressure makes showering and washing a frustrating experience. Often, the problem stems from outmoded pipes or an inadequate main water supply line. Replacing galvanized steel pipes with new copper or PEX lines helps optimize water flow. If you have older 3/4-inch supply lines, upgrading to 1-inch pipes may be necessary to improve pressure. Installation is minimally invasive since the pipes typically run through the basement or crawlspace. Be sure your main shut-off valve is fully open. For optimal pressure, a professional Vaucluse plumbing inspection can identify any issues needing correction.

Improve drainage

Slow-draining sinks, tubs, and showers are an indication of clogged drains. You try removing the drain P-trap and cleaning out any built-up gunk. Often, a drain snake to clear blockages further down the line. If snaking doesn’t solve the issue, roots or collapsed pipes could be hampering drainage, necessitating professional drain cleaning or replacement. Installing new garbage disposals, pop-up stoppers, and drain covers improves drainage while updating worn components. Focus on the fixtures and materials that will make the most impact. With strategic improvements, you can enjoy a bathroom or kitchen that looks and works better than ever.