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What Kind of Water Filter Is Best for My Family and Me?

Water has its importance for our everyone’s daily life. We used to keep ourselves hygienic, water our garden, wash our car, clothes, and dishes, and cook our meal. 

Modern technologies help us supply clean, safe, and accessible water to residential areas, such as the Punta Gorda water treatment plant. Solving undistilled water or repairing our water heaters nowadays comes easy by acquiring professional water treatment services, Punta Gorda, FL

However, such does not ensure quality water all the time. Water coming from the faucet may contain harmful chemicals and unfiltered sediments that cities and local governments failed to see and left neglected. 

Given such circumstances, purchasing water filters is one of the best practices to eliminate elements present in the water.There are many of them available in the market. Thus, learning the differences between filters can give you ideas into what type you should buy.

Pitcher-Style Water Filters

Keep dangerous toxins and chemicals from your family by availing pitcher-style water filters. One of its top benefits for households is its cost-effectiveness. It is less expensive than other of its kind yet portable and easy to use. Its primary purpose is to remove chlorine in tap water by using granulated charcoal to purify water and improve its taste.

On the other hand, it cannot free or even lessen all toxic chemicals and elements, mainly lead, arsenic, and mercury. Residing in areas with such water quality requires other types of water filters such as reverse osmosis, or carbonblock filtration.

Reverse Osmosis

Unlike its pitcher-style counterpart, reverse osmosis (RO) water filters need care and attention once installed. Its membrane-like structure has fine holes that prevent toxic chemicals and contaminants from mixing with your home’s water system. It is best to place the RO filter underneath the sink than to attach it to the spout of the sink’s faucet.

On the contrary, an RO has one minor inconvenience: it can remove some nutrients when filtering water for cooking or drinking purposes. The reverse osmosis filters out the likes of iron and manganese, which is valuable to a person’s overall health, development, and growth, in exchange for your home’s water safety. 

Carbon Block Filters

Consumers wishing to buy carbon block filters can choose from the two following forms: a standalone device or the install type. The carbon block water filter uses a solid activated carbon block to eradicate odd tastes, odors, and contaminants that may flow together with clean water. 

Even the most harmful chemicals and pathogens cannot pass through the one micron-sized holes of the carbon block this filter type has. Carbon block filters are less expensive given that they are often small and made of durable yet easy to find materials.

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