7 Most Used Designs of Roofs

The roof is one of the most important components of a house. It not only protects your property but also gives a specific shape to the house. Nowadays, roofs come in several designs. However, which design is suitable for you depends upon various factors, such as the following:

However, you should consult roofing contractors to choose the roofing design for your house or office.

1.   Flat Roof

It is the most commonly used roof type. As it is flat and has no incline, you can easily navigate on it. Moreover, you will have extra space to place solar panels. These roofs are easily installed but have water and snow build-up problems. You will observe these types of roofs in the Southwest US.

2.   Steep Slope Roof

It is a type of roof that is in the form of a slope at an 18-degree angle or above. The slope has a ratio of 3:12, which means the height will increase by 3 inches for every 12 inches. The sloping roofs are primarily installed in cold areas. The removal of snow and ice is relatively easy on these roofs.

3.   Low Sloping Roof

The Low sloping roof comes in a pitch smaller than 18 degrees. This roof has 2:12, which means that for every 12 inches horizontally, it will cover 2 inches vertically. The low sloping roof install is a cost-effective type of roof. Maintenance of low-slope roofs is easier than other roof types. Moreover, you can use the low-sloping roofs for multiple purposes, such as the installation of solar panels.

These roofs are steep enough to drain the water and snow. Low-slop roofs are installed in arid areas and desert areas.

4.   M-shaped Roof

In an M-shaped roof, two pitches meet at a point and have a M-shaped appearance. It is also called a sawtooth roof. This type of roof is installed for enlightening purposes as it provides more area for the light to enter the home. However, this type of roofing is very complicated to install. It takes both the resources and time to make M-shaped roofs.

5.   Hip roof

The hip roof has a ridge line in the center where all four sides meet. These roofs are installed as they provide high resistance against storms, winds, rains, etc. However, these are expensive types of roofs. Hip roofs were invented in the times of the Romans and Egyptians. However, these are still used in both the commercial and residential areas.  You can use residential roofing services to install hip roofs for your homes.

6.   Cross-hipped roof

When two or more hip roofs are joined together at the same ridge, it forms a cross-hipped roof. To make this roof design, a minimum of two hip roofs must cross. In the 1800s, roofs of this design were installed in Italy.

7.   Combination roof

A combination roof is formed when two or more roof designs are installed together. There are several reasons behind combination roofs. Some people incorporate combination roofs for aesthetic purposes, while some want to get more practical benefits. People install different roof styles for each portion of their house.

As there are different styles of combination roofs, it will take more effort and money to install.