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How To Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

There are various types of bees in Pasadena. However, yellow jackets can be one of the worst ones you may need to patrol for. They are among the most aggressive ones, creating a high tendency to bite and cause problems. If you see yellow jackets on your property or want to prevent them in the future, you should get pest control services. 

As long as you stay away from their hives, yellow jackets should not be much of a problem. What is the worst that can happen? These bees can build their hive in your yard. The good news is that you can control them even without hiring a professional. There are a few steps involved in the process. However, to hire a professional, Click here now

Tips for getting rid of yellow jackets.

  • Apply a spray treatment.

The most common method for controlling yellow jackets around your property is to apply a spray solution. Seek an aerosol spray that has a long-range jet sprayer to ensure you are sufficiently away from the wasp nest or hive. Buy enough spray to cover the nest completely. Then, continue to spray every day until the nest is completely gone.

  • Use yellow jacket traps.

If you wish to get rid of Yellow Jackets but are unable to locate their nest, Yellow Jacket traps come in handy. When using the Yellow Jacket Trap, use a meat or fruit juice lure. This trap is very useful during cookouts or picnics as it draws these insects away from you and kills every insect that falls into the trap. Make sure to keep the trap away from you as you want to lure these pests into the trap. 

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  • Destroy the nests.

Destroying a yellow jacket’s nest is a direct and risky approach. Therefore, make sure you are wearing protective clothing and carrying the correct equipment. If you are destroying a ground nest, it is recommended to wait until nightfall as yellow jackets are less active during this time. 

Pour the mixture of peppermint soap and water, followed by boiling water, into the nests. Make sure you are completely covered in protective clothes while performing this task, as these jackets will swarm.

  • Eliminate their possible food source.

Limiting yellow jackets’ access to food is another way to get rid of them. Food that has been left outside uncovered compost piles and open garbage cans should all be covered or removed. Yellow Jackets have a good memory of the food source’s location and will return to that area to search for food again and again. Therefore, make sure to empty and clean the trash cans frequently.