Home Improvement

4 Ways That A Property Can Be Made To Feel Larger

When it comes to choosing a property, or placing a home on the market, size is a hugely influential factor, one that directly correlates with value. The larger a living space or the more rooms it contains, the greater the cost. This is primarily because there is a greater potential in a home that is more spacious. Residents can keep a greater number of belongings, welcome more guests, enjoy more activities, and generally live with fewer compromises when doing so in a spacious home.

Interestingly, however, while size is an objective measure, there are a number of design factors that can help to not only create more space within a home but can make it feel larger too. This is both useful for a resident’s sense of wellness, being able to enjoy more, as well as impressing a potential buyer, since the size of a home can feel very different to what is written on paper.

Storage Optimisation

Storage is not solely a feature that supports neater housekeeping. It is, in fact, a crucial component of optimising a home’s capacity. By working storage potential into a home, with clever usage of space, you allow for a room to feel more impressive without compromising on its functionality.

A popular example was spurred from Fumio Sasaki’s book, Goodbye Things, which sees the author describe a desk space that can be extracted from a closet, being otherwise concealed during the evening. Such an implementation of professional facilities have been in greater demand since the growth of remote working culture, making this and similar designs highly sought after.

Garden Buildings

An outdoor space is another home feature that has seen unprecedented growth in demand over the past few years. This has triggered the value of ranch homes for sale in Holly Springs with garden spaces to rise and, as a result, residents to rethink how they use their garden spaces, wanting to get the optimum return on investment.

One successful way to improve garden functionality and enjoyment is to establish an outbuilding, such as a log cabin or summer house, or even convert an already established shed. By doing so, you expand your living space, creating an entirely new room upon a property, one that has the benefit of being customisable from the beginning and can even have its closeness to nature incorporated into design.

Light Play

When optimising the sense of space in a room, light offers the greatest potential advantage. Depending on how you curate your home’s light sources will depend on how large or small a room appears. A single, overhead and central light, often referred to as the big light, can actually compromise the sense of grandeur in a room, especially if it is concealed behind a lampshade and with little natural light to support it.

Consider using multiple light sources, such as spotlights and floor lamps, to help open up a smaller space. All rooms will benefit from greater natural light too and larger windows will increase the sense of space inside greatly.