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Benefits of Artificial Grass in Athletic Fields

In the 1960s, artificial grass surface used for sports field gained worldwide popularity. With more and more indoor stadiums appearing, the demand for fake grass also reached high momentum. In comparison to growing natural grass in indoor fields, artificial turf allowed players to have a comfortable velvety green surface to play with all year round. Since that year, more debates are heating up as to what is the best turf for doing an athletic activity.

For decades, artificial grass has been replacing natural grass from professional league arenas to Olympic stadiums. Read on to know why artificial grass has its benefits for athletic fields all over the world.

All-Weather Utility

With sports artificial grass, you can say goodbye to muddy surfaces during moderate to heavy rain. Synthetic turf can withstand any weather from hot and sunny to wet and cold. With that, players can make use of the field rain or shine without worrying about the condition of the ground. There are playing seasons where rain cannot be helped and having a turf that need not be replaced is important.

Increased Playability

Fields with artificial turf are much more durable than natural grass. Since players can play all year round, it gives them access to practicing their game without worrying about the potential ruin of grass. Fake grass also eliminates the possibility of canceled games and practices due to a muddy field.


The versatility of artificial grass is much higher than natural turf. Sports are demanding with heavy use, and fake turf doesn’t require any recovery time between games. It can endure over 500 hours of event use and reduces downtime that can interfere with other arrangements.

Low Maintenance

To take care of natural grass, you need to do regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, seeding, and pest control. But with artificial turf, you just need to install it and it’s ready for use. The initial installation cost can be expensive but with all the less maintenance it requires, it can save much more money than natural grass. 

Fewer Injuries

Artificial grass allows players to have more control over the field as each section of the grass is manufactured for sports. Natural grass can be torn during a rough play and eventually turns into patches of slippery mud which can result in injuries.

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