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Home Décor Ideas Using High-Quality Runner Rugs

If you’re looking to spice up your home’s décor with high-quality runner rugs, then you’re definitely going to have plenty of design choices to choose from. In the past, people thought runner rugs were only meant for narrow hallways, but today they’re being used all over households in useful places where underfoot comfort is wanted. 

We’ve partnered up with the industry specialists at Rug Source to develop this article about home décor ideas using runner rugs, so take it from the pros in that these are the best places to consider placing runner rugs throughout your home! 

Great Places To Use Runner Rugs In Your Home 

Although runner rugs have traditionally been considered to be only used in tight hallways, the truth is that they aren’t just for hallways anymore. Runner rugs are also great options for bedrooms, kitchens, entryways, and a few other less expected household areas. 

Below are some of the best household locations to place your runner rugs: 


Although we’ve already mentioned how runner rugs are more versatile than just being used as hallway area rugs, they of course always look great in these parts of your home. 

As most interior designers know all too well, there simply aren’t that many options when it comes to decorating high-traffic, narrow spaces (particularly when it comes to flooring designs). Your hallways are more important than you may think when it comes to floor protection, style and soundproofing. 

Runner rugs just so happen to be the go-to option to help make hallways more interesting from aesthetic and comfort standpoints. 


Runner rugs also are great options when you want to spice up your home’s foyer and entryways. It’s important to remember that runner rugs are significantly different than door mats, but they of course can be used for similar purposes. 

We love how runner rugs can do a great job at establishing a home’s ambience and overall décor theme, so make sure your entryway’s runner rug blends in with the rest of your existing furniture and artwork. 

Mud Rooms 

Mud rooms are also another great household location for runner rugs, because these spaces are of course going to get dirty without flooring protection. It’s typically recommended to place a very durable runner rug in your mud room so you won’t have to worry too much about it getting dirty. 

Some synthetic materials may be best for these spaces because they’re stain-resistant and affordable. Indoor-outdoor runner rugs also make a lot of sense in mud rooms, because they’re easily washable when they get stained or dirty. 


Kitchens are now a popular place to put runner rugs in today’s interior design industry, which makes sense considering how many tight, narrow spaces we often have in our kitchens. 

You’ll likely love having some underfoot warmth in your kitchen, and runner rugs truly do a great job when it comes to adding that extra bit of style to otherwise mundane household areas. Just be sure to place rug pad underneath your kitchen runners, because that’ll give you the extra stability you’ll need when you’re putting dishes away and carrying food trays. 


In the past, a lot of people would purchase very large area rugs to go underneath their beds, but more people today are skipping these expensive rug purchases and simply buying two to three runner rugs to surround their beds. 

Runner rugs can go a long way to make those first and last steps of each day be extra warm, and they also add some much-needed aesthetics to your bed’s surrounding floor space. 


Runner rugs are also being properly folded up and down staircases these days, which is a lot cooler looking as compared to traditional carpeting. Now your stairs can have some extra style to them, and you’ll still get the added warmth that carpeting would normally provide. 

This is an up-and-coming trend amongst the most savvy home decorators, and it’s a great idea for anyone looking to add some styles points to their staircases! 


Another great place for runner rugs is bathrooms, because a lot of residential bathrooms just so happen to entail rather narrow flooring dimensions. 

And everyone loves it when high-quality area rugs cover up cold tile flooring! 

Contact The Rug Source Team To Learn More Home Décor Ideas Using Runner Rugs! 

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