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Mark Roemer Oakland Details the Best Way to Make a House Feel Homely


We all undoubtedly want to customize our house to make it feel personal and homely. You may often wonder how you can even do it. Well, it is simpler than you think to make your house feel homely. Our guest, Mark Roemer Oakland discusses how anyone can add a homely touch to their house. 

Best Way to Make a House Feel Homely

  • Begin with your Entrance

The entrance of every house is the first thing that welcomes guests. Therefore, you should spend some extra time working on the entrance. Add an outdoor decoration piece, art, or some lighting that will get the attention of your guests. 

In fact, a doormat or a welcome sign is always a nice accent piece to give your guests a warm invitation.

  • Get Throw Blankets

Spend some time and find quality and nice throw blankets that go well with your bedroom and living area. On the living room couch, a nice throw blanket encourages your guests to make themselves feel at home.

A throw blanket on your bed will definitely offer it a nice decorative touch. You can even choose a nice woven basket with it to add more accent to your bedroom.

  • Have a Comfortable Couch

Nothing truly makes your house feel homely than a comfortable couch in your living room. There is no doubt that a couch is vital for an improved living space. Therefore, selecting the right couch will definitely elevate the room.

You can even add a comfortable couch to your bedroom if you want. 

  • Focus on the Fireplace

If there is a fireplace in your house, you can always highlight it by focusing on the decoration of the mantle area with different things such as candles, vases, and other decorative pieces. Still, you should not attempt too hard to follow a specific decorative plan.

Just try to find decorative pieces that go well with your style and blend in well with the room. It will serve to give your room some personality.

  • Make Space for Plants or Flowers

Fresh plants or flowers always make an incredible addition to the bathroom or even the kitchen. You can just visit your local grocery store and select the flowers that blend in with the room you prefer.

If you have a lawn, you should spend some time planting the right flowers and plants. While it will take some time to manage everything, the result will definitely surprise you.

  • Use Proper Lighting

With just the right lights, you can quickly change how your house appears to you and your guests. If you have a cocktail party to arrange, be sure to give your room sufficient light. Meanwhile, when you have a small plan with your friends, a cozy atmosphere can be created with dimmed lighting.


Overall, this is how you can easily make your house feel homely. Mark Roemer Oakland even suggests being subtle in your approach. No need to go overboard with decorations.