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Why Are Wood Pallets Preferred?

Multiple industries are taking up methods that will help them become sustainable brands soon. This is one of the reasons why wooden pallets are preferred more today. Commoners would look around at the pallets and wonder what impact it has on the environment. In reality, it is one of the most sustainable and best forms of reusable packing that can be used by businesses. Controlling bodies have already certified how eco-friendly they are. It has evolved to be the first of its kind in supply chain packaging and management. 

Let us understand why they are gaining so much popularity:


The wooden pallets are sustainable as they are made from specially grown trees. This would naturally make you think that the manufacturer of these pallets induces deforestation and causes other environmental impacts. But you will be glad to know that these are made from trees which are solely planted for the lumber to be used in the pallets. This is how the pallets are green resources and are renewable. Also, these are made from softwood species, which grow faster and have easy replenishment.


Most industries prefer using pallets because they can be easily repaired too. This is not the case with metal or plastic pallets. Wooden pallets might get damaged or broken but can be affordably and quickly repaired too. This is how they are used multiple times before getting finally discarded. Also, these pallets have a similar weight capacity as compared to the newer ones and only cost a fraction.


After the pallets have been repaired time and again and reaches the stage where they cannot be used anymore, they can be easily recycled into other products. Wooden pallets are undoubtedly one of the most recycled supply chain packaging materials. Over 95% of them avoid landing up in landfills.

Carbon net-negative

Carbon net-positive emission results when greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide as a whole is released into the atmosphere. And, this can be easily prevented by using the wooden pallets. These pallets can prevent much more greenhouse gas emission than it ever produces during its entire lifetime. This can be achieved through right recycling. To reduce carbon emissions, the pallets should be reused, repaired, and recycled completely. This is what makes it a flexible packaging solution.

With the help of Spec Wood pallet components, you can easily achieve the best sustainable packaging solution for your business too.