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Guidelines For Maintaining Granite Countertops

Occasionally fixing stains on granite countertops is unavoidable, particularly on white granite countertops. Most of the time, basic household items that you already have in your pantry can be used to clean stained granite. Regardless of where the stain came from, start with sodium bicarbonate.

Using a daily cleaning that you can just sprinkle on and wipe off can reduce stains from appearing on any tabletop surface.

You may have to choose a specialized stain remover or contact a professional if your granite countertop cleaning routine cannot stop stains from occurring and your homemade stain removal solutions are unsuccessful. Make sure to check out granite countertops at MĂ©ga Comptoirs.

When do granite countertops need resealing?

Another thing you can do to shield your counters from stains is regular sealing. The majority of granite that is placed comes pre-sealed. However, if you have tried to clean stains off your granite repeatedly without success, it might need to be sealed again.

Checking if your backsplashes need to be sealed again is simple enough. Only a few water drops should be spooned out, and you should wait for around 15 minutes. Water will bead up on top of a protective seal, indicating a robust sealant. Nevertheless, if the water seeps through the granite, treat the water stain immediately using a paste made of sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide, and arrange a time to seal the stone slab again.

Avoid these countertop cleaners for granite:

Some store-bought and homemade cleaning products might potentially damage your granite countertops. Some pantry products can react with the stone and potentially strip the sealant away. All-purpose commercial cleansers, like granite, may contain substances that can erode or discolor the stone. Avoid doing the following:

  • Common acids that can etch granite include acid, lime, lemon, and other citrus fruits.
  • Ammonia or acidic cleansers containing ammonia, such as Windex
  • If bleach must be used, dilute it first because using bleach at full power dulls the finish.
  • Do not rely on hydrogen peroxide, as mentioned above, for routine cleaning; use it sometimes only.
  • Steel fiber can irritate the skin
  • Scrubby sponges are also excessively abrasive.
  • Wipes for cleaning surfaces that may include citric acid
  • Commercial lemon-scented items that may include citric acid

The use of these substances over time can dull and etch granite and weaken the sealant on the stone. Consider drawing the shades to shield areas of the counter that receive daily sunshine because strong sunlight can dissolve sealant.

Closing remarks

When renovating their kitchens, homeowners frequently install new granite countertops; white granite worktops, particularly, stand out for their pristine and timeless appearance. Granite counters can help safeguard your investment if you know how to clean them.